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25 May 1979
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I am a 26 year old working gal who lives in Daly City. In the brief moments when I'm not working at Hot Topic, playing with my dog, reading, cleaning up my house, sleeping, or snuggling with my honey, I enjoy writting poetry and short stories....thus the formation of this journal. I also enjoy Thai and Japanese foods, fine wines and tasty cheeses and have a penchant for long rambling sentences. I'm addicted to many things- staying up way too late, blaring loud music in my car, the Tea House Spa in Santa Cruz, various drugs at various times of my life, but currently opiates , Buffy, Angel, and sex. I collect kimono and corsets. I am a self-proclaimed psychonaut, although have slowed down in my later years. Addictions are important- knowledge about them helps us to know who we are, and fighting them when they're unhealthy makes us more aware of what it takes to live.
(As an update, I'm currently live in Pacifica with my handfasted husband, dog, and weasel, but should be moving to SLO soon. Hooray cheap rent! Goodbye big noisy city! Goodbye delicious Chinese food....goodbye ocean right next door....
---Update 07- My honey turned into my husband, and I stopped working at Hot Topic and the club scene long ago. Now I really just love gardening at home...and everything else I listed before! I'm growing out some very spiritual dreads at the moment ('07), and enjoying finding out who I am, while going to school in San Luis Obispo! This journal is a record of where I've been and what I'm doing. And I never do know where life will take me next.
Namaste and Blessings to all good folks who stop by!
Update 08- I have since gotten a divorce, but am still good friends with my ex. I started getting really spiritual when I quit opiates, because in the end, lots of prayer and cannabis did it for me. After a time of readjustment, during which I found few outlets for all the extra energy I had, a friend brought me to Bikram yoga. The hot room felt amazing, and I loved the combination of physical and mental workout the place provided. I am now a Bikram yoga teacher, loving life, and generally feel that addictions of all kinds suck! Namaste, and blessings.

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