Andi (illonadances) wrote,

Just now as I was logging in, there was a picture of Justin Bieber (spelling?) being beaten up. I was suprised that I actually didn't mind seeing that.::sigh:: My mouth hurts pretty badly, as my rear upper and lower molars on the left-hand side were yanked yesterday, so perhaps the pain is making me feel more blood-thirsty than normal. I've been asleep most of the day and woke up a few hours ago with my mouth feeling sore and the area looking rather painful, but I know from a previous experience and the Drs paperwork that it's a bad idea to touch it, so I'm not going there again.
As a random aside, soymilk is remarkably delicious, and if it weren't so expensive, I would drink it instead of milk.
Ecstatic dance is taking up more and more of my attention. I love it- it's highly enjoyable.
I am currently doing 'straddle' pose from Yin yoga and listening to Jammin' by MC Lyte. Reggae music is remarkably enjoyable when one is high. I think I shall also repair my beautiful patchwork skirt. Life is good.
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