Andi (illonadances) wrote,

A Great Horned Owl Hangs Out in the Road

Last night as I was driving back over the Hwy 17, I chose to take the backroads home, so took Old Santa Cruz Hwy. The road curves vigorously through the redwood forest here, and the wise motorist knows to beware of deer as they take the sometimes blind turns. Last night, as I cleared a turn going a leisurely 25 mph, I saw something about 3 feet tall standing in the middle of the road about 2 car lengths up. A beautiful Great Horned Owl was just sitting there in the middle of the road, and turned his bright yellow eyes towards my car curiously, but with no fear. I stopped my car about 4 feet from him and rolled down my window to say, 'Dude, get out of the road, you cute little owl!' LOL He took off at the sound of my voice, flying low, for some nearby trees. He appeared to be uninjured. I am really happy I was driving slow so I didn't hit him!
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