Andi (illonadances) wrote,

For Sebastian

Biggest cock I ever had,
Knew how to use it too.
Pouty lips, so full on a strong angular jawline.
Deep brown eyes
About 6' tall
Give or take an inch; I never measured
Smelled like the redwoods took a dip in sex and granola-
Real good.

We liked to laugh about stupid shit-
Conan O'Brian's poufy hair,
Making silly voices at each other for hours,
Amazed at how Southpark scored big with a stoned talking towel.

Dancing crazy
Just him and me in our studio cottage.
Him strong enough to lift me up over his head,
Then drop me clear an inch off the ground
Without missing a beat
Laughing our heads off
Intoxicated with joy and pheremones.

But you know,
The only time a man ever gets to call me
A filthy whore
Is in the bedroom when I'm on all fours,
And he wasn't in the bedroom three hours ago
And neither was I.
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