Andi (illonadances) wrote,

Jerry Night at Ashkenaz

I got to make out with a hot dreadie hash maker tonight. I met him on the dance floor of Ashkenaz. He had long blonde dreads and bright blue eyes. He was built well- 6' tall, and probably about 205lbs. Yum. He must have been over 21 as he was drinking the whole night. He and the two girls he was traveling with were holding a Jerry doll aloft and getting down the whole show.I danced ecstatically with them, basking in the camraderie of the joyous and grateful.
After the band stopped, I invited him back to my car to smoke a bowl. We were really vibing on each other and I really wanted to get high with him- but then I couldn't find my stash! Ahhhh! My car was too dirty! I ended up having to search it very thouroughly and had to kick my man T out of my car to do it. =P While I was cleaning, he came over to my side of the car and kissed me.
We made out for a bit. He had nice, large, soft lips. He also smelled really good. I would have liked to make out with him a bit more. As it was, after we kissed, I told him I needed to search some more. He reached for his cell phone. As I was excavating the back seat, he said, "I have to go!" and then just left. The look in his eyes said he was not happy. I shared his sentiment.
I ran after him and gave him a bit of bud I'd found so he could get high. I really wish his friends hadn't dragged him away ::sighs::. Although it was probably for the best I couldn't smoke with him LOL I probably would have smoked more than was wise. As it was, the freeway coming home was nerverwracking. I was followed by 3 cops, and drove past more than 6. Fortunately, then always pulled someone else over. Probably because I wasn't swerving and was driving relatively straight.
As an aside, I love getting bands high. =) The Deadicated Maniacs were phenomenal tonight, as was every other band on the docket.
The night was magic! More to come tomorrow after I've slept!
Two great folks I met:
Doc- Short for 'Docadabay' LOL. His formal name is Mr. Street, which is also his legal name- but I like Doc as it's more friendly.
Eve Marie- what a sweetheart, dressed in green, with her lovely hugs and good vibes!
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